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Camera Traps in Animal Ecology: Methods and Analyses

Autore: Allan F. O'Connel, James D. Nichols

Remote photography and infrared sensors are widely used in the sampling of wildlife populations worldwide, especially for cryptic or elusive species. Guiding the practitioner through the entire process of using camera traps, this book is the first to compile state-of-the-art sampling techniques for the purpose of conducting high-quality science or effective management. Chapters on the evaluation of equipment, field sampling designs, and data analysis methods provide a coherent framework for making inferences about the abundance, species richness, and occupancy of sampled animals. The volume introduces new models that will revolutionize use of camera data to estimate population density, such as the newly developed spatial capture–recapture models. It also includes richly detailed case studies of camera trap work on some of the world’s most charismatic, elusive, and endangered wildlife species. Indispensible to wildlife conservationists, ecologists, biologists, and conservation agencies around the world, the text provides a thorough review of the subject as well as a forecast for the use of remote photography in natural resource conservation over the next few decades.

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Camera Trapping for Wildlife Research

Autore: Francesco Rovero, Fridolin Zimmerman

Camera trapping is a powerful and now widely used tool in scientific research on wildlife ecology and management. This book provides a much-needed guide to the sound use of camera trapping for the most common ecological applications.

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Camera Trapping: Wildlife Management and Research

Autore: Paul Meek, Peter Fleming

Camera trapping in wildlife management and research is a growing global phenomenon. The technology is advancing very quickly, providing unique opportunities for collecting new biological knowledge.

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Camera Trapping Guide: Tracks, Sign and Behavor of Eastern Wildlife

Autore: Janet Pesaturo

Using a specially made, inexpensive and rugged heat-detecting camera, you can view wildlife up close. Camera Trapping Guide gives you the trapping techniques and knowledge of animal behaviors so you can get the best possible photos and videos. Includes 37 species common to the eastern U.S. Large and small mammals, squirrels to bears, deer, and moose, plus birds and even the American alligator—are covered. With photos and range maps each entry gives details on physical characteristics, tracks and sign, diet, habitat, and breeding. Also included are specific camera trapping techniques pertinent to each animal. You’ll learn the characteristics of the various cameras, where to place the camera and the camera settings to get best results, and how to minimize impacts on the environment.

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Candid Creatures: How Camera Traps Reveal the Mysteries of Nature

Autore: Roland Kays

In Candid Creatures, the first major book to reveal the secret lives of animals through motion-sensitive game cameras, biologist Roland Kays has assembled over 600 remarkable photographs. Drawing from archives of millions of color and night-vision photographs collected by hundreds of researchers, Kays has selected images that show the unique perspectives of wildlife from throughout the world. Using these photos, he tells the stories of scientific discoveries that camera traps have enabled, such as living proof of species thought to have been extinct and details of predator-prey interactions.
Each image captures a moment frozen in the cameras flash as animals move through their wild habitats. Kays also discusses how scientists use camera traps to address conservation issues, creating solutions that allow humans and wild animals to coexist. More than just a collection of amazing animal pictures, the books text, maps, and illustrations work together to describe the latest findings in the fast-moving field of wildlife research.
Candid Creatures is a testament to how the explosion of game cameras around the world has revolutionized the study of animal ecology. The powerful combination of pictures and stories of discovery will fascinate anyone interested in science, nature, wildlife biology, or photography.

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